If you see me getting smaller, I’m leaving, don’t be grieving, just gotta get away from here. If you see me getting smaller, don’t worry, and no hurry, I’ve got the right to disappear.

About to watch Country Strong for the 2nd time in a row. Opted out of choosing a mind boggling one tonight and instead decided on this lovely movie that made me cry and feel all fuzzy.

And that ending? so good. I’ve got the right to disappear. Of course I don’t like the thought of suicide, but I think someone has the right to die just like they have the right to live. You gotta live and let live just as much as you gotta die and let die.

i’ve been awfully chatty on here lately. i must be missing my livejournal.

also, the movie made me miss ‘ol nashville. i’ll always love that city.